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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
So flash is thinking the plug is stripped. If it's the thread into oil pan, then you might try a heli-coil or time sert...or you might also find a slightly larger drainplug and tap for that.

You might also find that just wrapping with teflon tape might seal it up...or if you have enough bite, you might just try sealing with rtv, letting it cure, then filling with oil. Obviously, if trying rtv, you need things clean...and you need the right kind of rtv that has oil resistance.

I am not saying that the drain plug is stripped. I am not even going to put my money on a stripped drain plug hole in the oil pan either

Based on my experience, my money is on the oil drain bolt. It is either fractured or completely broken inside the drain hole.

Again, the plug is hollow and is DESIGN to break or fracture if the torque raiting is much higher than 18 ft/lbs. Usually the oe plug breaks at 24 ft/lbs +/- 5

The forces that is require to either stripped the actual bolt or pan is much higher than the forces that is require to fracture the bolt. Therefore, ur bolt will always break before u stripped the bolt or pan

To the op...just remove the drain plug. If it is not broken and just fracture then removing the bolt will break it off completely.

Drain out the new oil and use a Allen L shape key to remove the broken bolt. Again, the plug/bolt is hollow.

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