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Originally Posted by Master Po View Post

Didn't that French prime minister (Chiraq?) had a well know mistress for ever? I heard she was more popular with the French than his wife was.
At the same time Clinton is caught with an intern and is almost impeached.
It's just a matter of (unrealistic) expectations.
The French can do what they want to with their president. I am not concerned with them. They surrendered their entire nation during WW2 in 14 days (?). So I guess integrity and honor are ideals they don't hold very high. BTW......how many tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers died liberating France ?

Clinton embarassed and humiliated the entire country . And he was impeached for lying, not the adultery. Monica Lewinsky is still single, and can't keep a job.

Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post
Only thing is Petraeus is retired. He left the Army when appointed to be D/CIA.

UCMJ doesn't apply to him anymore
Yes and no. I forgot he was retired. I got so used to hearing him referred to as a General, I was assuming he was still active. It is not something spent a lot of time thinking about.

However, UCMJ still applies to retirees in certain extreme circumstances. I don't think that this qualifies as one of those circumstances though. If he or anyone else was retired and they wrote a book and started telling secrets they swore not to tell, they would find themselves in trouble.

If you are retired, you can still be recalled to active duty in the event of a national emergency.

I read that his gf was in the Reserves. She could be in trouble, but I doubt if it will happen. She'll probably just fade away.

I feel sorry for everyone else though. Can you imagine how humiliated Mrs. Petraeus and their kids are ? To learn about this from the tv and have your family problems discussed in 1080P High Definition around the entire world ?

And Broadwell's husband must feel like crap too.
I read that a second woman might be involved too.

Originally Posted by 330iPilot View Post
Not to me, to their wives. Nice dodge though.

There is no higher sacred contract of trust than between a man and his wife. If you make the solemn promise to forsake all others until death do you part, then do it. Otherwise don't get married.
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