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I have not have time(the usual, new baby coming, new job, etc ) to finalize this bmw ibus thing yet but I will share it as is. I started cleaning code etc but have not actually tested the code after those few changes but i think it should work. Mapping the button presses to actual linux key codes is still unfinished but if anyone has time to do it, or if anyone wants to map those again, then change the key_code(s) in headunit_buttons array at here https://github.com/karis79/bmw-ibus/...mw-ibus.c#L804.

I have uploaded my bmw-ibus linux daemon to github( https://github.com/karis79/bmw-ibus ) and also added there a patch that adds needed scripts to openelec so that bmw-ibus gets compiled in to openelec raspberry pi image. just follow instruction from http://wiki.openelec.tv/index.php?ti...r_Raspberry_Pi and after git clone step, patch https://github.com/downloads/karis79...nelec-rpi.diff and continue compilation.

If you want to try that with your laptop and see the key mappings etc then compile it:
git clone git://github.com/karis79/bmw-ibus.git
cd bmw-ibus
gcc -o bmw-ibus -Wall bmw-ibus.c

and start it:
./bmw-ibus -d /dev/ttyUSB0 -h AUX
this will hijack AUX(key events injected only when AUX selected)

I forgot to say that I have tested it in E39 2003 530D with 16:9 navi in english.

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