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Originally Posted by Amoeba View Post
Web development is a good start but probably not something you want to go long term with. These are frequently outsourced and tend to have higher turnover once the interface is done. The barrier of entry is low so you'll find competition from part-time contractors as well.

Database is good but can be boring at times. I would recommend looking for an entry-level position at Oracle/Google. They're large with many positions and give good pedigree on your resume. A background in database with strong analytic skills will land you jobs in data mining/search optimization.

I came up in networking. It's interesting and always something new to learn, but Cisco have started to commoditize the market. There still tons of companies in the Silicon Valley doing networking, you won't have any trouble finding a job and many startups to be adventurous with.

Cloud is really the next big thing. Companies are moving all kinds of storage, management, and computing into the cloud. Network, storage, etc all ties in to the cloud.

Or you can go for more generic kernel/platform work. Every company have their own OS and need ppl to maintain them. Your choice of field can be very flexible with this type of position.

My recommendation would be to stick with a large corporation for your first job, unless you're very specialized with prior experience and want to try a startup. Your resume is all about pedigree. Having well-known companies or startups that made it will do wonders for your future career growth. When managers skim the resume, that's what they're looking for.
I definitely do not want to stick with Web Development long term because like you said jobs are being outsourced and on top of that so many people can do the job that companies settle with contractors/freelancers.

I will see about getting more into data mining and networking. How about a combination of database design/networking to get into the Cloud family? There is a professor that I will be taking a database class with next semester who has 20 years of experience working at Oracle. I am going to pick his brain and find out everything I can while I have the opportunity. Heck, every little bit helps! Besides that I think my school is horrible at preparing us for entering the industry. I used my alter mater's resources to attend their career fair recently and that is how I was able to land an interview with Yahoo!. What worries me is what the future holds for Yahoo!... I thought I needed to go the extra mile to stay competitive with all of the MIT / Carnegie Mellon / CalTech / Stanford guys if I want to stand out and get into one of the major tech companies. So far I am keeping in contact with a Google recruiter, but even if I get a first interview the technical interview scares the crap out of me! I've heard/read too many horror stories not to be worried about it.

As for working at a start-up / small company I've pretty much decided against it. I just feel that I need a much better skill set working for them compared to a larger corp with dozens of programmers working on projects as a team. Also as you said it would just look good on your resume.

I feel much better about my future, concentration and where I want to be in the industry. Just to better my knowledge and show my motivation I want to write my thesis on the Cloud. Would this be something I could show employers or would it be too arrogant? lol

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