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It's really more than just four doors. Very different cars though. I am 41, I'd put myself in the 'idiot' category my peers buy cars for. I have no kids though, a great job and minimal life expenses. I like my cars spartan...lately iPod integration has become more important and being not obnoxious noise wise.

The M3 was a perfect match. My old 240SX (not a beater by any means that that word usually means ) used to hurt my soon to be ex wife. She hated riding in it. Personally when I was just driving 3.5 miles to work each day it was nice and fun. On the weekends I could unleash it more. My commute is usually 30 miles or more. Just the maintenance on all the solid bushings and bearings would be ruthless, not to mention my back and organs

For most people they want all creature comforts and being able to blast off a red light / merge when needed. The ZHP > ZCP in that situation. Most will never do real track time.
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