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6 years in the field, have done 2nd round interview at Google, final rounds for both Amazon and LinkedIn.

All three places were all business and cared nothing about extracurricular.

Sorry, no decently run company is going to outsource web development, or drop people "after the interface is done". Most places understand the importance of *quality* code. JavaScript in particular is very hot (one of the few areas Yahoo is doing some field leading work in actually), you're not going to find cheap Indian workers who can spin you up something using backbone and node.

And once again, studying brain teasers is a waste of time. They were the fashionable thing to do in the 90's but most companies have wised up to the fact that they're completely useless in assessing talent.

It's also not obvious that companies care about comp sci fundamentals - I've never had a place outside of the companies mentioned above ask me about simple fundamentals like linked list vs. array list or have questions that are very heavy on knowledge of trees. The focus is different.

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