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Originally Posted by Master Po View Post
I used espresso as a general term for pressure brewed coffee, as opposed to French press and the many other ways.

I have bought Starbucks beans. They are not bad. They are in the middle of my scale. Their price is also in the middle, so a decent value.
I like the Whole Food beans, but they are more expensive.
$15/pound is overpriced. There's no need for that, unless you have the equipment to extra the flavor. You'd be throwing money down the drain otherwise.

I'm not a coffee snob. I just like a fresh decent brew.
I think I pay about $18/lb. A few dollars more is worth the quality of what I'm getting (IMO). I bought some Starbucks beans a few months ago because I was all out of my normal beans and just needed something to hold me over for a day or two. I went with the Blonde (I think?) roast which is supposed to be their lightest roast. I ground enough beans for a single cup and prepared it like I do with my normal coffee and I was honestly disgusted. I tossed the rest of the beans in the trash.

Starbucks (and all other major chains) seems to over roast the beans to the point where they become disgusting.

I really do not think that I am a coffee snob, just somebody who enjoys good coffee.
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