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Originally Posted by xi_ter View Post
If I order and the seller will send by parcel post or letter class mail, it will usually arrive without brokerage or duties (unlike UPS shipments!!!)
If the seller uses Priority Mail for speed and tracking I might get charged $8 service and 5% GST. But not always. Pelican likes using Priority Mail. BavAuto will send by mail as well if you ask.
Ah right on. I've only used and umnitza and got away with no duties on both

However it does drive me mad when I see the price online compared to what stuff is here locally or on the "canadian" parts sites.

IE.. Just had to purchase upper and lower spring pads to do my rear coil.. locally $45. Online it was $20.

When I did my rear axle and the rebuild process I ordered the stuff had it shipped to a border location ( then went over and picked it up I even brought my own axle into the states and shipped it back to get my core money back.

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