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Breaking bad really is a great show. Probably one of the best written and filmed series of our lifetimes. Seriously. If you don't like to think deep into your shows and don't care about great filming and writting, you won't like this show....

Dexter is badass as well, and the fact that Deb and Dexter are actually married in real life makes it that much better, IMO. There is some really great acting in this show and they always seem to keep the story fresh with new characters and such... I just recently found out that Travis Marshall was actually Colin Hanks, Tom Hanks son!

Also, if you are looking for a realllly good comedy/drama, watch Shameless, the US version, it's FVCKING hilarious and Feona on that show is smoking HOT and always getting naked lol.

Californication is also a fav...

If I was to rank series (not major networks like abc/nbc) I'm watching right now I would say:

1. Breaking Bad
2. Dexter
3. Shameless
4. Californication

"weeds" lost my respect a LOOONNNG time ago.

Also tried to watch 'the wire', guess it was too political/serious for me...

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