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Originally Posted by SDKmann View Post
Pretty good ranking. Haven't started Californication. Im glad that they're ending Breaking Bad now. This is the right time to end the show, before it gets drawn out and starts going downhill.

Just started Shameless too, if you described the premiss of the show to someone it wouldn't sound to interesting but it is very well done.

My guilty pleasure is Battlestar Galactica, very awesome show.
Yea, agree on ending BB...

You will LOVE shameless! It only gets better! I can't wait for the new season in January. If you like a shameless, you will for sure like Californication, it's like the rich man's shameless... It's really dirty and wity as hell, sometimes I miss some of the jokes until I go back and watch it again. Great story line too. I HATED David Duchovny before I watched it... Now I love this guy! "WE'VE GOTTA SQUIRTER!!"

...You know, people have raved about Battlestar Galactica, but do you have to be big into Sci-fi?
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