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Car lost power and died while driving.....and a few other problems

Hi, I am new to this forum so I will apologize in advance if this type of issue/problem has been discussed before. Also pardon my terminology and lack of known acronyms. My husband works on my car and I'm posting to get some advice while he is at work.

I have a 2003 325i with 85k miles. We think we are dealing with a few problems here.....Recently the Service Engine Soon light is on and on Friday the coolant light was on. I noticed that the temperature wasn't getting as warm as it should and when I turned the heat on, the air was cold. We checked the coolant level and filled it up and the light went off. While driving it, the car randomly lost power while driving and even if I floored it, nothing would happen and the car wouldn't move. I took my foot off the gas and eventually I was able to accelerate again as normal, but noticed the car did backfire a few times. We did notice this was while the heat was on, so we turned it off and it seemed to run ok. Later that evening it did the same thing again when the heat was not on.

This morning I went to leave the house and it was very rough starting, took longer than normal to start. After about 5 blocks, I lost all power again, this time, while in the middle of the road, the car completely died. (heater was not on). Electronics were still on and all lights on the dash lit. After pulling over, I waited a few minutes and was able to start it up and drive back home. When I got home I let it run for a while in the garage and noticed that the temperature of the heat never got hot, it was cold. I was going to take it to Auto Zone to get the code read from the service engine light, but am afraid it may die on me again.

Here is a clip of the noise that is making....

In my research I've found that I may need a new gas cap, and have been reading a lot about the fuel pump, but that is all I've got so far. Do the symptoms I describe mean anything to anyone here? I am at a loss and would really appreciate any help._a_
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