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Originally Posted by Brodie325i View Post
Hey guys n girls, I'm pretty new to the whole bmw thing so please be patient.

For some unknown reason I am occasionally getting a burning smell coming from the engine bay of my 325. Sometimes when I open the hood I see a little bit of smoke coming out of the plastic cover on top if the engine, sometimes there is no smell and no smoke...

Does anybody know what could be causing this? Doesn't appear to be leaking any oil anywhere so has me pretty confused!

Looking forward to your replies

Well there has the be something on the engine that is causing this. A leaking VCG (valve cover gasket) will put oil on the side of the engine and it tends to smoke I believe. Did you check the sides of the engine and the plastic under cover? If the oil leak is small there won't be any oil dripping under the car, it will all stay in the plastic cover. When it is cool, put your hand on the sides and back side of the engine block to see if you get any oil on it. Also, take the bottom plastic cover off with a phillips screw driver and inspect it for oil drops.

If coolant is leaking, then you need to check your hoses and coolant level. If that's below minimum, then you may have a leak.

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