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Do you go to bed the same time every night? What is your evening like, when do you start "winding down"? Do you drink caffeine; how much? When is your last caffeinated drink?

Do you have a television in your room? Do you watch television in bed, use your laptop/smartphone in bed? When people start to develop problems sleeping, they are generally asked some of these questions. Being exposed to bright lights in your bedroom can affect your circadian rhythm. Although it's not full spectrum lighting, it's still super bright light right in your face while you're trying to fall asleep. Whether you eat or watch TV in bed, you're basically just pairing stimuli to bedtime.

Your bed should be used for sleeping, sex, and reading before bed. If you can't fall asleep after 20-30 minutes get out of bed. If you wake up feeling anxious, get out of bed.

I would taper off the melatonin, your body produces that naturally and should be used when traveling to fight jet lag. You don't need it.

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