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Originally Posted by Cobra View Post
aw, why the bitterness? watch this vid, it'll make you feel better
ummm, I'm sorry bitter about what???

13 minutes, not watching lol. iOS is by far the easiest OS to use. I'm not getting in a debate about this again... Use what you want to use, it's all personal pref.

Also, he's using a iphone 4 with iOS 5... This shouldn't even be in this "iphone 5" thread...

I do know that EVERYONE I know that has purchased an iPhone, has never gone to any other phone, and if they do, they complain about that phone's complexity. My friend that owned a 4s recently purchased a Samsung Note 2 and wouldn't stop bitching about how much the OS blows and how much crap is on the phone that doesn't need to be. He sold it and got a 5. Once you stop being a Apple hater and actually use the product without bias opinion, you will realize how easy the iPhone is to use and how much more solid the feel of it is...

I may be an iPhone fanboi, but I have given other phones chances... I have tried everything from a HTC EVO 2 to a Samsung SIII... They just don't compare, the touch screen is laggy, the programs are laggy, and they always seem to need a restart after a good day of use... JUST MY OPINION, don't get your panties all in a bunch
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