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Originally Posted by bigloser View Post
The wide vs narrow argument is really dependent on the terribleness of winters where you live. In MD, my larger concern is ice, as we usually only get serious snowstorms every 3-4 years, but we get ice in the winter fairly often. On the occasion we do get a serious storm that would require narrow tires to get traction, I call out of work for the day. And if I really need to get somewhere, I'll borrow my roommate's Jeep. Hence I run on 225/45-17's on all 4 corners.

The wider tires give me better grip in the dry, the wet, and on ice. which will likely be 90+% of my winter driving. If you live somewhere that has regular heavy-ish snowfall, narrow is better. Unless you get ultra-heavy snowfall, then wider becomes better because you have to get on top of the snow because you get high-centered if you try to cut down to the pavement. But I argue you should be driving something with more ground clearance at that point.
Agreed. Where I live we get a decent amount of snow, but I still primarily drive on salted and plowed roads. When I first got winter tires for my previous car I took everyones advice and went narrow, downsized, and got Blizzak WS-60's (their hardcore snow tire). Yea, I had absolutely amazing traction in the snow. But the 75% of the time that I was driving on plowed roads and highways, they were horrible (squirrely, bad dry traction, etc). I have winter tires on my car almost half the year. I don't want to have to live with a terribly un-fun and un-performing car for half the year even on the sunny dry days.

The bottom line is I own a BMW. All these practical arguments about the absolute best performing tire in snow, while they may be true, don't factor in the fact that I don't necessarily want the most practical thing, I still want to enjoy my car in the winter. If I wanted something ultra practical I would buy a 4WD minivan

I have all seasons now, but my brother is getting 225 Blizzak LM-60's (their high performance snows) on 17s for his e46 that I am going to try out. I am hoping that they are a good compromise between good snow traction and good dry traction.

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