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.....after watching the video a bit... That guy is a moron... Did he really just try to make a point that clicking on a link won't let you decide WHICH browser to use?! WTF, just use ONE browser! lol, it's not supposed to be that hard AND Seriously, he used a ZAGG protector, that right there just proves he's an idiot, look at that orange peel He probably tells people ZAGG is the best protector too lolol

"when you get a bunch of apps it gets really cluttered---SURE THERE ARE FOLDERS, but..." No 'but' dude, that IS EXACTLY the point of having FOLDERS lolol

God, I could pull SOOOO many quotes from that video that make that dude sound like a complete idiot...

Originally Posted by SamDoe1 View Post
Being unprofessional is GK talk for someone calling out his BS in real life.
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gk seems to have tried to change his role online now. before it was mr. obnoxious. now it's mr. calm, collected, and still an idiot.

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