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Originally Posted by Wolrab View Post
Not so long as you don't let it get low on oil. Just keep an eye on the dipstick until you have a chance to fix it. Many E46 owners either are in your position, or they're about to be.
+1. It's not critical, but you should replace the valve cover gasket when you get the opportunity. If you are slightly handy you can do it yourself with no real special tools except a small inch*pound torque wrench, spark plug socket (in your car's trunk toolkit), and a couple other common tools. Keep a few quarts of LL-01 oil around to top off if the level gets low.

There are tons of members on this forums who have replaced their VCG with success, and many who made mistakes and posted them so you can learn what to look out for/what not to do (hint: don't try to do this without a torque wrench). Read about it until you're exhausted of it, then read some more. Then do the replacement yourself. While you are under the valve cover, I think it's also a good opportunity to replace the VANOS seals too, even if they seem okay. It'll save you time down the road and you won't have to buy a new VCG again.

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