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Originally Posted by Cobra View Post

it only got a 9.0 on gamespot, and probably from other game magazines as well... where'd you hear that from? are you an apple AND cod fan boy? because that would make the image perfect
I didn't hear that from anywhere, just wondering. Was thinking about buying it, but I bought Horizon and will get BO2 as well.

For the record, yes I love BLACK OPS, but I also HATE MW3. I have played just about as much HALO as I have COD though, I used to LAN 3 xboxes with friends in my parents garage when I was 16 and play the OG HALO non-stop lol. I don't hate on HALO one bit. In fact, I don't hate on ANY game, I'm a HUGE nerd lol.... OKAY I LIED, all FF games after FF7 SUCKED lol

...and get it right, it's "iPHONE FAN BOY" I hate MAC OS
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