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Originally Posted by RayPooley View Post
Preventative maintenance? Oh good heavens NO. Not at all. I replaced the fuel filter because I have an intermittent problem that I am trying to fix. Started Thursday last week. According to the Mango school of car maintenance I would have to replace the filter, the pump, the injectors, the petrol, in short, everything between injectors and tank on a just-in-case basis. In fact, if I remember correctly, isn't that the advise you gave to some poor unsuspecting schmuck last week? Can't remember what his problem was. A leaky 23 cent injector O-ring or something like that. The mango solution would set him back about $700 in parts alone. So certainly no hint of a conversion here and never will be.

As it happens, I also replaced the crankshaft position sensor today. And here's the rub. The one I replaced has only been on the car for 7 months. Why's that you ask? Well. Its because in March this year I had a misfire situation. Codes lead me to suspect intake camshaft sensor. So I replaced the intake camshaft sensor AND also replaced the exhaust cam position sensor and the crank position sensor. The very definition of your PM principle wouldn't you say? IF IT AIN'T BROKE, FIX IT! Isn't that your mission statement? Yet here I am 7 months later replacing the crank position sensor. Chances are, had I left the original one in place I wouldn't have had to do that today. So all in all I reckon that takes your IF IT AIN'T BROKE, FIX IT PM strategy firmly by the throat and gives it one straight up the backside. Its nonsense. And I really do wish you would stop pushing it on people who know no better.
There is a good middle ground b/w Mango and doing nothing.

I am an extreme moderate. I believe all those not in favor of moderation ought to be hanged.

My strategy of waiting for a mild issue and then replacing everything that's convenient while I'm there works fairly well if you're not made of money.

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