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Scott Forestall was fired, so that's a plus and could be the source of big changes. Looking at how iOS has developed, especially the last WWDC and iOS 6, I'm surprised he lasted this long. The "Steve Jobs and I were close" card finally ran out. It's even more surprising when there's brain dead simple, yet incredibly useful features available for jail breakers staring them in the face, yet they can't seem to add them to the stock OS. The ideas are already there, just use them.

Anyways, apparently Forestall wasn't getting along with anyone (especially Ive) , and Cook basically had to babysit at every meeting that the two of them were at together, which was few since they avoided each other. They refused to work together at all. I'd bet money this is part of the reason why iOS has stagnated so much, and now that Ive is in control of software, things will start improving more rapidly than they have since '07. It's about time too, as Google is firing on all cylinders right now with 4.1 and 4.2, and Windows Phone 8 is now hitting the market in full force.

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Yes it's about time. One more year of relatively incremental changes and I might have been out. Right now I don't think iOS is really behind, but the other operating systems are certainly growing at a faster pace than iOS. The one thing I miss from jailbreaking is SBSettings. They should really include the Wi-fi toggle and a couple others in the notification center- or in the bottom bar imo.

The 920, One X and Nexus 4 are all very nice phones. None of them can touch the Apple music base and integration from library to phone, and that's my main concern. I'm not a fan of subscription services or the cloud.

At least with 64gb and the great audio quality the One X+is getting close. I wish there was an "iPod" app available for the other OSes. Even if I was motivated to switch, I have too much music to cut and run without a clear, well developed alternative.

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Get out and walk. Meet people.
It will change your life!
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It's ok, the world needs boring people
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