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Originally Posted by Born Again View Post
Once you open the bag air gets in. That will stale the beans.

I have a container that actually forces the air out for storage.

Typically once u open it u should use it within two weeks.

Again this is more for coffee snobs and maybe u don't care nor taste the difference.

I also don't add sugar or flavored creamers to coffee as that would defeat the purpose of a good roast of beans.

Also check the date when it's roasted.

The good shops will have roasts within a week or two of your purchase
Yeah, but I was replying to the blanket statement that roasted beans go bad after a week. I don't believe there's a difference between beans that have been roasted and stored in an oxygen free environment and freshly roasted beans. I'm looking for someone to explain how that would be possible.

And for the record - I am a coffee enthusiast. We have 5 different coffee makers at home that get used regularly (and 2 others that get used a few times a year) and we roast our own beans from time to time. Freshly roasted coffee is great - but I think that's entirely because of the great smell of roasting coffee that puts you in a coffee enjoying mood.
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