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Bump for an kinda old thread.

Last week I signed up for a family plan.

For me and my wife. The guy at best buy did a rush job on our plans, so instead of switching the plan I had. He signed my wife up as the main acc holder with a family plan. And I was still on my own plan. I'm sure he was trying to get some kind of commission on a new acc holder. That same day I called ATT, and had it fixed. I'm now the acc holder of the shared plan and she is the additional line.

Anywho, can someone tell me how this work. I just want to make sure I got it correct. ATT customer support is down for the holiday.

Talk: I have the Familytalk Nation 550 with rollover. To my understanding, this plan is shared with both phone, wife and I.
Text: We also have the unlimited text/msg for @ $30. Which is shared on both phone correct?
Data: On my phone, I have the grandfathered acc. So I'm unlimited. She has a new phone. Is this data shared or she have to get her own data? Or is it a pool of data if I have to but her own or Each needs it own and only uses it own?

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