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Originally Posted by cityjohn View Post
Wes I have a question and you seem like someone who'd know. I've been searching for a variable displacement container for holding beans at room temp. Ideally a glass cylinder with a plunger and seal, so that every time you closed it there'd be as little air as possible. Tried vacuum bags and they just don't cut it.

Everywhere I've looked, brick and cyber, I find nothing! Can you think of anywhere else to try?
I'm not sure. Any air-tight container will be ok. The most important thing is for you to use the beans as quickly as possible. Like I said, 1-2 weeks is acceptable.

Originally Posted by brew View Post
Exactly how do those bulk roasted beans go bad after a week? The stuff you buy at Costco is bulk roasted and then sealed in oxygen free packaging. They displace all the oxygen with nitrogen - and without oxygen, exactly how are they going to go bad? It's not like bacteria is a factor.

Fun fact for the day - did you know that many of the apples you see at the supermarket were picked well over a year ago? They seal them up in an oxygen free environment and they keep just fine for up to 2 years or so.
It's not so much the fact that the beans are bulk roasted, but who is doing the roasting. All the big companies do not pay close attention to their roasting methods. They are more concerned with the production process and maximizing their output. Why? Because most people do not know the difference between fresh, properly roasted coffee and mass-produced crap.

Sealing coffee will no doubt keep it fresh longer than leaving it out in the open, but if you go through coffee quickly, there is no point in doing this.

Read the link that I posed for ZHP. It's interesting ( Coffee beans release CO2. They should rest before sealing them, but again, if you go through coffee quickly like I do, there is no point. I suppose if you pay attention to how you seal the coffee, you can keep it fresh for a while, but none of the big companies do this. That is why I like small, independent roasters. They pay very close attention to the roasting process and make sure that everything is as good as it can possibly be.

Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
Have you ever had their brewed coffee? It is the best I've ever had. I've had some terrific coffee when I went to Europe and Costa Rica when I was younger too. The Whole Foods brew is delicious. For some reason when I buy the beans I can't replicate the taste though.

This means nothing to me, but I hear they use "forced air or fluid bed" roasters. Is that good?
I haven't. I've tried their iced coffee and it wasn't good, but I assume that it had been sitting for hours. Any good coffee shop will brew each cup of coffee individually, not make some huge batch and have it sit there.

Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
That's pretty neat.
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