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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
it's not that i can't afford it. it's just something to consider and i'm wondering if it's worth the extra cost. i'm trying to gauge how much better the m3 actually is. i haven' had the chance to drive one.

the vanos exploding is a fairly known problem with the m3s
It's an incredible machine. Test drive one and I guarantee you'll want it. Vanos is not a big deal, just replace the cam bolts with the newer revised ones and replace the seals. It's really just part of regular maintenance. There are not that many exploding vanos units out there. I had mine upgraded for peace of mind but if I were to do it over again, I would just replace the bolts and seals and save myself a ton of money. If you can afford the maintenance and upgrades then go for it, it's a totally different car and worth the upgrade.
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