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Originally Posted by McGary911 View Post
Did our cars have an option for a heated rear seat? If that's what this was, I'd expect the wires to be thicker, as electric heat requires a lot of current. Hard to tell from the pic, but those wires look kind of thin.
No, I don't know of any USA E46 car having an option for heated rear seats. However, I was reading one of the TIS instructions (see link)
to remove the rear seat on the convertible & it said to:
"Unclip rear seat at left and right.
For seat heating optional extra only:
Disconnect cable.
Lift out seat towards front"
So, when I removed the rear seat bottom, I saw this connector just laying there, so was just trying to figure out what it went to. I understand that some auto mfg. use standard wire harness for all models & options & just don't use the connectors that aren't used on that particular car.
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