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Originally Posted by 'busa View Post
Really? That's the part I hate the most: dealing with iTunes and the hoops I have to jump through to sync, update, restore...

What do you mean? What's stopping you from simply importing your music into any other phone?
#1, storage space. The One X+ has recently become the only other phone with enough integrated storage for me. Other phones I like, like the 920 and (especially) the Nexus 4, have paltry and pathetic storage capacity, respectively.

#2, the various music players and sync utilities. I've done research and nothing is really convincing. My friend lost his One X and used my old iPhone 4 for a while. He mentioned that the main advantage of the iPhone in his view is that there is no player/music organization setup as good as iTunes, with Genius playlists and what not. Although he did eventually get another One-X.

If you don't want to plug in your iPhone, why don't you use Wi-fi automatic syncing and iCloud backups? You can wirelessly update software too.

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