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Tim is the list owner, so he really can't give bad, on the other hand, I'm just a guy on the Internet and actually enjoy randomly guessing!

You don't have heat because the system wasn't bled air bubble is back there somewhere and preventing flow to the heater core...or worse, an air bubble caused the wp to cavitate, not pump coolant, and although your engine was getting hot, the wp wasn't pushing coolant to get to the temp sensor located on the lower radiator hose...and maybe the car shut itself off because of overheating...getting a 'fatal' reading from another temp sensor.

Actually, K, I don't think you should drive your car right now. I'm trying to formulate a theory of what's going on, and although it sounds like bleeding could fix you up, I do think you have a leak. That leak, if it did cause an air bubble to get to wp and cause cavitation, you'd have been overheating your engine but not knowing it. Were you hearing kind of nasty sounds from the engine before it stopped itself?

Had the temp gauge risen at all in the car or was there a red dot lit indicating overheating? Any warning lights on?

In listening to vid again, I wonder if I'm hearing a wp gone bad...the bearings don't seize often, but the impeller blades break. In your case, it might be spinning inside a dry chamber.

Don't drive your car. If your husband does most of the work on the car, I think this might be a good time to suggest he meets a guy named mango around these parts. The guy's a fruit, but has the market cornered on obsessing over his cooling system. He actually drinks coolant...though he does chase it with a beer as that is actually the proper antidote.

The simplest thing at this point is to make sure you have a working coolant system. You at least have a leak. You probably have a failed component like WP. You can buy an entire cooling system for $300 and there are diy vids here of shirtless fireman replacing the you could do it yourself. On the other hand, you could spend about 3-4 hours reading cooling threads (use advanced/title search) and actually diagnose your issue and fix it. Read until you puke. It's not brain surgery, but there are a lot of details you need to know...and I don't know what you know.

My concern is that you had a leak, didn't have circulation, turning on the heater sucked coolant into heater core, out of engine, wp started to not pump, and you overheated...and maybe damaged your head gasket or cylinder head. I did it myself about 8 years ago.

Your starting point now is to follow bmw tis's method of bleeding exactly...pouring slowly...using only distilled water (because I'm ocd and most here are about that!). Mango has proper instructions. Don't follow my 'alternative instructions' as you should not be revving your car to 4K rpms for even 20 secs.

If you can fill us in on more of what happened, someone will make up other good stuff for you, I'm sure!

Oh, most important...forgot to mention this. You should do something very nice for your husband while going through your car's recovery. I won't mention anything specific...and I'll also mention that the cooling system is a known weak spot of this car of it's not his fault!
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