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Section 4(10) to own or operate, either directly or indirectly through any subsidiary, parent company or firm, a motor vehicle dealership located in the commonwealth of the same line make as any of the vehicles manufactured, assembled or distributed by the manufacturer or distributor. A manufacturer or distributor shall not be in violation of this paragraph when: (i) owning or operating a dealership temporarily for a reasonable period, in any case not to exceed 1 year; (ii) in a bona fide relationship in which an independent person is required to make an initial ownership investment subject to loss in the dealership of not less than 7 per cent of the equity investment and can be reasonably expected, pursuant to a bona fide written agreement in effect between the manufacturer or distributor and the independent person, to acquire full ownership of the dealership on reasonable terms and conditions and within a reasonable period of time not to exceed 12 years unless good cause exists to extend said 12 year time period; provided, however, that the source for said initial ownership investment shall be from investors or lenders other than the manufacturer or distributor holding an ownership in the dealership; and provided, further, that for the purposes of clause (ii), good cause shall mean circumstances that are beyond the reasonable control of the independent person or the manufacturer or distributor holding an ownership in the dealership; (iii) owning or operating a dealership selling recreational vehicles temporarily during the transition from one owner of the dealership to another that the temporary period may be extended in 1 year increments for a maximum extension up to 2 years, if good cause is shown; provided, further, that the manufacturer or distributor who owns or operates a dealership selling recreational vehicles upon owning or operating the dealership shall immediately make a reasonable effort to notify all dealerships selling recreational vehicles in the commonwealth that the dealership is for sale, the earliest date that the manufacturer took ownership or began operating the dealership and the contact person to arrange the sale of the dealership.
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