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Originally Posted by Commanderwiggin View Post
Day 2:

Here is a video of me and Mike (Mspired HPF 2.5 6776 Turbo) This was probably my cleanest run of the day as I usually got forced to the inside (right) lane because people didn't like it And in all honesty the inside lane does suck a bit more as it's difficult to brake boost and the pavement overlaps there causing some problems with traction. I do believe Mike said he almost lost it at the start on this run because of can see the problem is mutual lol.

Other vids that I have were crap...hopefully my passengers upload like they promised
Oh man, that right lane was HORRIBLE! This run with you was my first and only run in the right lane. Car got extremely sideways from a 3rd gear brake boost; had to let completely off

Originally Posted by Commanderwiggin View Post
And...when an AWD UGR Lambo spins off the know there's traction problems lol.
I heard he was on bald tires and didn't even know it

Originally Posted by Matthew@wltsautosports View Post
I think thats mikes car the white one? If so mike idk if that is your daily bumper but you should try to find some foam strips to put right under the headlights in between the reinforcement bar on your csl bumper. I had the same issue on my m3 the rep bumpers never fit right. Great videos and passes cars look and sound great and boy are you guys moving; that pass on the supra was epic.
That's EXACTLY what I have been thinking of doing, thanks for letting me know that it would work!
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