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Originally Posted by Master Po View Post
You, sir, are a savvy consumer, that can separate facts from myth.
Explaining how contact with oxigen can degrade coffee is easy. The myth part is that one can consistently tell which one is the degraded coffee in a blind taste off.
Give this man a cookie.
I'll admit if you serve me a random cup off coffee I won't be able to tell you if its fresh or not (within reasonable limits. If you leave that ****er out for 4 years - yeah ill know). The big deal is when you have one roast that you consistently use eg. my usual crap is the Starbucks pike roast. I drink enough of it that I can tell when it's been sitting for a few weeks. I go through coffee frequently enough not to need a fancy airtight storage container. Usually we just keep it in the bag and grind what we need before serving.. However we had a bag that sat for two months while we went on vacation (and then came back with a couple lbs of local beans). We made one pot of the usual, and tossed the rest.
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