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Originally Posted by PrecisionX View Post
Ok so 18x8.5 will be fine for stock but not so much the 9 wide... will the 18x8.5 still work if I am lowered on that wheel/tire combo? I want something to look good while I'm on stock suspension but still work when my suspension craps out and needs an overhaul, that is when I will be lowering it.
The 18x8.5" is a very versatile wheel because it works just as well on stock suspension as it does on an aftermarket suspension. It also accepts a variety of tire sizes but if you are using a square fitment we like to see a 245/35/18 tire being used. The 18x9" ET42 could use a 245/35/18 tire as well but the tire's sidewalls will look stretched. If you go with a wider 255/35/18 tire, regardless of stock suspension or aftermarket, you will need at least a 5mm wheel spacer to clear the strut tube. With the wider wheel and 255/35/18 tire you will need more negative camber obtained through either pulling th alignment pins on your stock strut mounts or installing camber plates. The 18x9" ET42 is not exactly a direct fit for your car, where the 18x8.5" ET38 is, but it can be very easily made to work with attention paid to strut clearance and careful selection of aftermarket suspension. Some coilovers are equipped with cone shaped progressive springs limiting the space for the front wheel and tire, requiring a larger wheel spacer, and thus requiring more negative camber to clear the fender.
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