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Originally Posted by Darkside213 View Post
You take him to doggy academy at $275. Then you realize how bad the dog is because all he does is try to attack the other dogs. You buy a bark collar to shut him up at night because he barks at nothing. Then you realize it doesn't work. Then you buy another collar, the more expensive heavy duty one that does work either. It just shocks him and he doesn't care and keeps barking. Then he destroys your BMW leather seat cleaner/fan/tools/etc. that's how you get rid of him.

But don't worry, I didn't take him to a pound. He went to a friend
you must not like this friend very much ... if you gave him the dog from hell

Originally Posted by VaderDave
Fill that hole in your soul by buying more material goods
buy my sedan rear seats (gray leather)

sell me sedan A pillars!! (black fabric)
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