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Originally Posted by Lair View Post
Just borrow that money from your parents.

This is one of the main reasons tuition reimbursement is one of the main benefits I shop for in a company. I get $5k/yr which is about what I spend as a part time student.

School is retarded expensive, one of the things though is I am debt free as I am on the "pay as I go" program. I never understood people sinking $50k into a degree in creative thought or expressive dance or something.

Here in ATL everyone has a Law or Business degree. People in the STEM fields are fine.

I work shoulder to shoulder with GaTech grads..honestly nobody gives a sh!t where you went to school after you're first job. I just hired 2 GaTech grads onto my team, I'm having one of them review the paper I'm trying to get CableLabs, IEEE, or some standards body to publish.

People drink way too much of the kool-aid in school names.

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