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Chiming I here - about your post regardig M3 values, cost and what seems like a reasonable price to pay considering all factors, is all about perspective, meaning if your one of this kinds of Fellahs who has $50 million dollar trust fund with your name on it and that you lived a grand life of luxury, nothing will seem expensive (within reason), or if you're a "blue collar" kind of guy (like my Dad was), the tendency to maximize your purchase is always in the back of your mind because there is no money tree / golden egg laying goose, and lastly, if you're a "white collar" kind of guy (like me), then you're making a little bit of scratch and can afford some, heavy emphasis and limit on "some," some of the finer things in life. OK, with my crackpot analysis, if you were a trust fund kind of fellah, I reckon ya probably wouldn't be hanging out on this forum, meaning you'd be on 6 Speed Online, or some Ferrari/Lamborghini/Porsche forum, talking about $10,000 dollar exhausts, and Dymag magnesium+carbon fiber wheels for your whip, but since you are here, I'm guessing you are not an heir to sandy patch of land on the Arabian Peninsula that happens to have a 30 billion barrel underground pool of light/sweet crude oil.

To drill it down here, there are members of this forum who are careful with their money whatever the reason and IN your best interest, I think, they care about other Forum members then write what they write because their genuinely interested in you not spending more money than you have to. So would you rather get a conservative view point on cost, or get some loony viewpoint from dudes who maybe in light comedy or with some lesser intent, post up: "because race car," which I sort of find deeply thought provoking in making a coherent buying decision. So now with all my nonsensical blathering done, my advice: because race car brah! Hah!
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