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Originally Posted by hizhinezz View Post
I'm very sorry to hear this, as someone who travels on business frequently and has a family I worry. I figure a large dog is still the worlds best deterrent but we cannot have one at present, just not practical.

Can I ask what your neighborhood is like? For instance I live in a smaller town in a very densely populated area. Our neighborhood is extremely safe (heavily policed, always people around and houses are close) but we are near some neighborhoods with tougher makeup, very near several major freeways (fast in fast out) and people know there's stuff here worth stealing. My wife doesn't shoot nor do I and I feel a gun would be a bigger theft likelihood than ever coming in handy. We have an alarm but I'm the only one who ever remembers to use it and at that typically only when we all go away on a vacation because otherwise there is almost always somebody here...

What to do...
My neighborhood in its own is a pretty good one, mostly people here are senior citizens, or lawyers and such, but the surrounding area is horrid. the thing is, the break in definitely wasn't spontaneous. They planned for a while, and followed my dad home a few times I believe. Lots of bits of information is adding up now, but I feel a bit more secure knowing I know have a few other people watching out for me- ADT all day.
As for what you should do, just make sure you are where you want to be in terms of, are you in a riskof being followed home? are there beak ins alot in your area? things like that. Hell, my uncle who's neighborhood's houses are an average of USD $1 Million had a burglary. Gated community and everything.

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Spends $2000 on car DVD + stereo -> Running 25000 mile oil changes and 87 gas with blown shocks

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