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Ooooohhh, ya done touched a nerve with this post title so now I gotta chime in here... Have I regretted a wheel purchase... Years ago, I bought the TSX when it first came out. I was just starting to make a little scratch at work so I thought, I'm going to buy some "nice" wheels; that ended up being iForged wheels.

Talk about some janky B.S. wheels! They were forged two piece wheels, where the center was welded to the barrel. The problem was that along the weld point on the barrel, the barrel would crack along the weld, leak air and you'd be greeted with a nice flat tire; this happened on all four wheels, and more than once on one of the wheels. When the first one cracked, I contacted iForged, who happened to be say 30 minutes away from me, to get some support, as in the manufacturer standing behind their product. Nope, zip and zilch is what I got; in so many words, what I was told, go pound sand, figure it out for yourself and too bad so sad your dad.

I was lucky my apt was near an Enterprise Car Rental, but I got fed up with having to walk about a mile to the place, rent a car, throw the dismounted wheel in the trunk, go to my fave shop to have the tire removed, then go to a rim repair shop, wait 2 days, go back to rim repair shop to pick up the fixed wheel, go back to fave tire place to get the tire remounted/rebalanced, remount the the wheel onto the car, return rental car and walk back home all on my dime, and I did this at least 5 times before I got so fookin' fed up, I bought another set of rims so I could basically have reliable transportation. About those iForged wheels, I threw them MFers away in a dumpster. Arghhhhh! It burns me up just thinking about it... C'est la vie; live and learn right?
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