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Originally Posted by aahmed2016 View Post
lol Being in a Cash money business, my father carries a pistol, I have a taser, sister carries MACE, and Mom's got knives. - EVERYWHERE.
Taser and MACE won't stop someone who is determined. It will piss them off.

As well, someone under the influence. These things can do little to stop a threat.

Originally Posted by hizhinezz View Post
If I'm travelling what good will that do me? Even if I'm at home unless someone is physically threatening myself or family member nothing I care about enough to kill someone they can have it as long as they're leaving and then they can deal with cops, me with insurance.
God help you.

Too many stories I've heard of people cooperating with criminals, only to be executed, raped...etc after they get what they want.

Someone enters my house, they are going down. Someone on the street puts my life at danger, same thing is going to happen.

Originally Posted by 325inthe510 View Post
So you would prefer to put you and your families well being on the hopes that some criminal decides not to kill you?

Not a good mindset
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