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Originally Posted by 323ci newbie View Post
Damn. That is bad, like bad. At least Friday was catchy...that is just awful
The concepts of banality and true intellectual significance are clearly lost on whomever wrote this purely awful piece of "music" and spoon fed it to this little waif under the guise of something consumable. That said, they are likely a more commercially viable concern than myself as this is something my 9yo daughter would love as she still gets really excited for holidays in a way it's easy to forget as an adult.

I mean, what's next, a song about her shoelaces, her toothbrush? Oh yeah, it's wake up time..

Now if she was 22 and singing about the most detailed and personal minutia of her onanistic habits or ability to climax I'm in... But this is trite beyond the pale of acceptable mass media, I'm suggesting a protest...

... On Thanksgiving.. Oh yeah!

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