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Originally Posted by M3PTGSC View Post
Soo....Kenton basically killed most of them out there good driving + well set up car = #winning lol

I'm just surprised by Marcus's ProEFI much hype about that traction control... But you guys had fun so that's all it matters
Kenton's car was absolutely dialed in..

Not to mention Kenton may have more seat time in his car than any of us, he puts miles on that car, he tracks it fairly frequently and he knows how to drive it. Very impressive car, and driver.

Regarding my traction control not performing miracles.. its a little more complicated than that. Traction control works best when the car is dialed in properly based on its setup. My car had 3 iBoost settings, 15lbs, 25lbs and 32lbs.. it was not dialed in by speed. Ian and I made 4 passes or so pulling out boost with each pass and went from consistent 7.5+ 60-130's to consistent 5.7 60-130's.. we pulled boost by speed (not gear) until the rate at which I lost traction was roughly 5-8mph difference between the front and rear tires. I could go out and floor it and the car was straight as an arrow, still loosing traction, but only slightly.. before it was like putting a bandaid on a gun shot wound.

My rear end was also going out and with major gear lash.. between shifts the power would hit violently due to the huge backlash and clunky rearend. I'm going to address that this weekend. Also, all day saturday my car was running in low octane map.. for some reason flex fuel was not turned on in my car.. so even with pure e85.. I was still running on a low octane map.

Originally Posted by VetteFish View Post
If you could send me that UGR vid, or any other good runs you guys have, that would be awesome.
Pulling what I got off my go pros now.

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