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Sorry to hear you had to experience one of my biggest fears.

Good post, about generic home security .

First, a word about physical security: If someone wants to get into your house, they are going to get into your house. Period. If they want your stuff, they're going to get it. I have seen every single type of security system defeated. Burglars are good at it. This is what they think about every day. There are numerous ways to defeat physical barriers to entry. We have a saying, and that is "Locks only keep honest people out."
And now a word about alarms: 95% useless, in my opinion. A generic burglar alarm is a "cry wolf" machine. They go off all the time for no reason, to the point that 97% of the alarms we respond to are false. Therefore they get dropped to the lowest priority in terms of calls we respond to. In other words, if your burglar alarm goes off, we'll get there....eventually. Some people have more expensive "panic alarms" that can be activated by the homeowner, and their activation is supposed to signal that there is imminent danger. Those things we respond to with lights and sirens. And they're mostly accidental. The reason a panic alarm is mostly useless is because burglars, generally speaking, do not strike in the middle of the night when you're sleeping. They strike in the daytime, when you're not home and most of your neighbors aren't, either. The only type of alarm system I WOULD recommend is not one that's connected to an alarm company, but a loud audible one that makes a lot of noise. Most burglars aren't going to stick around with that kind of noise being made.
Now on to cameras. Here is how you make a camera a deterrent. You make it obvious. You set them up around the perimeter of your home, and you make it obvious that they're there. Maybe even post signs that say "Smile, you're on camera and it's being recorded remotely. Your picture has been saved forever." Again, it's not a guarantee that the person won't break in, but if they do, you have their image preserved.
I generally do not see a lot of burglaries of homes that have obvious camera systems installed. To me, as someone who sees an average of 7-10 burglary scenes a week, a camera system is your best bet in terms of deterrence.
As to which ones to get, I recommend this one:
A bit pricey, but it has the best reviews.

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