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Originally Posted by aahmed2016 View Post
My neighborhood in its own is a pretty good one, mostly people here are senior citizens, or lawyers and such, but the surrounding area is horrid. the thing is, the break in definitely wasn't spontaneous. They planned for a while, and followed my dad home a few times I believe. Lots of bits of information is adding up now, but I feel a bit more secure knowing I know have a few other people watching out for me- ADT all day.
As for what you should do, just make sure you are where you want to be in terms of, are you in a riskof being followed home? are there beak ins alot in your area? things like that. Hell, my uncle who's neighborhood's houses are an average of USD $1 Million had a burglary. Gated community and everything.
I understand having pride in ones community but look at the #'s in comparison. This place has a ton of red flags.
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