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Originally Posted by subieworx View Post
No. You have no idea without measuring what the effects of your adjustment will be.
This is true, but it's not rocket science. My car drives more straight then it ever has with a shop alignment. I had alignments, with printouts, done on my car and they could never get it to not pull slightly in one direction or the other. Obviously something (i.e. a bushing, something bent, etc.) is causing it, but I would much rather just adjust it myself and get it how I have it now. It has been quite a while since I made the adjustments and no abnormal or increased tire wear is anywhere to be found. It is honestly ridiculous how straight it drives even though I did these adjustments with no measurements whatsoever. I can let go of the wheel on the highway and count to 20 (try this, 20 seconds is longer than you think) or so before it starts getting close to one line or the other (depending on road imperfections). Just don't think I am suggesting this in place of real alignments. I'm not a computer. This is for people who need a temporary fix between actual alignments and aren't looking for perfect.

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