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Originally Posted by mcopenha View Post
I also used this method without any issues. The GKN axles had the notches. A previous brand I used (cardone?) did not.

The more difficult task I found was getting the other end of the axle into the steering knuckle. For that I used a large, square piece of wood on the knuckle and a large sledge hammer. Once I could thread on the axle nut a bit, air gun handled the rest.
good pointers on axle tap... not sure why (besides not having many hands) I decided to take the axle out by using the notches, but put the axle in using the sledge... it just seemed easier at the time to line up the axle by palming the CV and tap on the tip of the axle palming the sledge (that way I didn't have to hold a screwdriver in addition to an axle).

I experienced same thing with "homing" the outer stub-axle in the upright. I used anti-sieze on the splines and a dead-blow hammer on the upright to get enough bite on the nut. then finished with an impact and final hand torque

Bonus tip: Don't forget to inspect the new / replacement CV sealing surfaces on the inner joints, and don't forget to grease those seals (old or new) before inserting the axle. Suggest new seals of course.

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