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Originally Posted by ode2joy View Post
I emailed getbmwparts and they said the m54 version is the same as the m52, so I'm about to order, but does anyone know the difference in the 'cold climate version' vs the regular version? I just want to make sure what I get will fit!


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Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post

Bavauto has a great DIY video. the vid is very comprehensive.

the only advice I have is that if you have an M52TU then your CCV needs a vacuum hose that connects from the CCV to the fuel rail. If your car is an M54 then the CCV vacuum nipple will be pluuged.
all CCV comes with the vacuum port but will be plugged up so you just have to remove the rubber plug.
Yes. All ccv is the same as I mentioned above. U just have to uncap the vacuum cap if you r running on ms42

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