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Originally Posted by NOVAbimmer View Post
I've come to realize that I won't be putting away money into a "college fund" for my kids. I'll pay basic tuition after student loans for them, but they'll need to come up with the rest. Scholarships, job, loans, whatever. If they decide they want to go to college.

But not a free ride on dad's dime.

I'm a bit divided on this.

I was 18, trying to join the Army and didn't get in due to prior surgeries. So I found a BSEE program I wanted to do, and started knocking out classes at my local community college when I decided to go back at 21.

Dad didn't put me on my own, he would reimburse me based of grades. 100% of tuition he would pick up for an A, 75% for B, 50% for C - I owned all book and lab fees that wasn't tuition.

Now I have the company paying for it so its no big deal.

I guess what I am saying is I feel like I would at least offer this to my kids. My sister got a free ride from dad for 4 years, after that she had to come up with the cash. My gf went to UGA on a swimming scholarship and she refuses to pay for college if she has kids. Her method is "I did it, I got a scholarship - so should they. Or they should be working, or go to the military like our friends did".

I agree with the "earn your keep" mentality, but do you feel no parental obligation to at least subsidize the kids college?

Granted it will take me 8 years to earn my BSEE when its all said an done, but I will have 0 college debt when I'm done...but outside the military people working their way through college on a free ride from a company isn't really common.

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