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Per Accolade's post. I have been using this method ever since I stopped finishing steaks in the oven. I will say one thing, I will turn them more than once, but I will always wait until the steak had a decent sear on it. That "overcooked" part of the steak is the most flavorful part if seasoned properly and not burned to hell.

If you want to cook a perfect, simple steak, follow these steps below.

- Steak should be thawed out either in your fridge, or in cold water. Take it out and let it sit at room temp for an hour or so. Bring it to room temp basically.
- Season the steak liberally with salt (and pepper if you prefer) 5-10 minutes before you cook it
- Stainless or cast iron (preferred) should be hot, but I would be careful. Don't blast the stove, especially if it is electric. 2/3rds on the dial should be good and safe.
- Pour some oil on the steaks when they are ready to go on the pan. Place on pan, and press the top of the steak firmly to get most of the steak to make good contact with the pan. (do not use olive oil, EVOO, etc. You want to use either veggie/corn/canola oil, or if you can, get walnut/grapeseed/peanut oil. They will not burn until 400-450 degrees, where EVOO is like, 275 degree. If the oil burns, your steak will taste like sh*t)
- Turn the steak after a solid 2 minutes, make sure it comes off easy. If it sticks, don't yank it off, give it a little more time.
- Cook for another 2 minutes, check the crust on it, make sure it looks a nice golden brown but not burned.
- Flip as necessary like Accolade mentioned. Don't be afraid to hit the sides of the steak as well for 30 sec each
- Take steak of when you feel is done, and place it on an elevated surface. I usually make a "doughnut" out of aluminum foil and place the steak on that. This will preserve the crust on the bottom, rather than letting the steak sit in its own juices and soften up the bottom crust.
- A touch more salt and some pepper can be added, then tent the steak and let it rest for 5 minutes.
- Serve
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