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Originally Posted by bmxpert86 View Post
Nice, I hope you get everything all sorted out once and for all.

Where the hell is the seller? He sure as hell spewed BS when their was a problem or someone was scammed. He got involved and threw salt in wounds when he felt someone was wronged, I'm officially making a cartoon about is shady ways, just like he did so many times.

Sorry Being, I'am so pissed that you are going through this. I have been on this forum for quite some time and reading your PO's rants about being wronged and how he portrayed himself as a good guy and it just really grinds my gears that your going through all this. I wouldn't even comment on anything if it was a little hiccup but you have endured enough. These problems were not disclosed and you deserve some money back for all the costs your enduring.

Best wishes, every time I check your thread it seems like your almost in the clear and BAM another problem and car still not 100%. I really hope everything works out.
As for the original owner I must admit i was very disappointed and hurt. I was told the car was a daily driver and that he needed the deal to close quick as he needed transportation. But when I got the car the mileage was only about 100 miles since since dec 2011?? as per the re registration with the lean holder. That info coupled with the fact when Kirk Hpf drove the car ran like crap (wrong plugs) and the clutch was slipping and all the afr issues which have been existing for a long time considering what I have had to do to resolve it. So that was deceitful and manipulative. Like I said I have forgiven and moved on but that doesn't mean I was not hurt and mad about the whole ordeal. It has left a sour note. If he was upfront I would have worked with that the situation. I just needed to air that as I don' want anyone else to fall victim. Despite all that HPF as Chris has stated has really stepped up to the plate and for that I am very grateful and would not hesitate to do future business with them especially with new products coming down tech pipe
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