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Originally Posted by Ilovecars800490 View Post
So what you guys are telling me is that i am not allowed to warm up my car on freezing mornings like this morning? IT was roughly 23 degrees F.

What about cold winter days when i need the defroster on?

Hot spots are caused by oil not moving around enough on cold starts. A high idle initially on cold starts fixes this problem.

Every single car i have ever owned a long with all the cars my fiance and my family owned, has always high idled on really cold starts roughly around 1500-1800 depending how cold it is.

2003 G35 6mt starts off at 1800 rpms, immediately drops to 1500 than slowly reaches idle speed when the car is completely warmed up. 189,000 miles no problems and still got 6000 dollar for it.

This bmw and my friends volkswagen jetta doesn't. Starts from1000-1200 rpms and immediately drops to near idle speeds before it even reaches quarter mark on the temp guage. Which leads me to believe that this must be an emission thing and common to german cars.

As long as it's normal i guess

Seems like many things that normally would be considered abnormal are deemed normal on these german cars.
It probably just wasn't deemed necessary by the engineers. They probably figured a 50% increase in idle RPM was enough. I would think the Bavarians would know something about cars running in cold weather. Then again, they got murdered by the Russian winter in WWII because their vehicles all froze to death.

They do recommend starting it and driving while trying to keep the RPMs below 3000. Letting a car sit and idle just makes it take longer to warm up than driving it. I don't think it's going to hurt the car to idle and warm up though.

It could be an emissions thing because your car emits something like 95% less pollution out after the cats are warmed up compared to cold cats. Driving the car will also warm the cats up faster. You will probably put out more pollution in the first 5 minutes of operation than the next hour or so of driving.

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