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The most popular combination for stock E46s is 10mm all the way around. This is a fairly conservative (safe) set up hen it comes to rubbing etc, it might not be aggressive enough for you, or take full advantage of the area you have avaible between the wheel and the fender lips. What I always suggest is taking a frew measurements, we actually have a video which lays out how to measure for spacers, I've imbedded it below.

Once you take those measurements you'll have a good idea of how the wheels will sit with each side spacer and you'll be able to make your final decision. I have spacers avaible from 2mm all the way up to 30mm HERE on the site for the Xi E46. Keep in mind when using spacers you'll also need to use extended wheel bolts, about half way down the page you'll note we've created kits with the proper bolts for each spacer size setup and ready to go for you.

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