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Originally Posted by Nickel///MboyZ View Post
it couldn't drive because of the dme got corroded and i couldn't get a new one reprogrammed in time, so instead of sacrificing the show, i towed it there, at no expense for me.*
no way your running 13.5 width without a widebody
let me see you get 6K rims as your loaners and then talk ****. lmao
PSH, Im fine with my Meisters, Twists, M-Parallel's and OEM's. You can take your shitty VIP wheels, and stick them up your ass. You RUINED a M3.

edit: Actually screw it, not worth starting an internet fight over. YOU modified your car to YOUR liking. I dont like it. Thats the end of the story. I think you should've at least rolled the car in and out of the show. Would have caused that picture to never happen. And IMO garnered a little more respect.
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